Writer Mom … Football Fan?

seahawksI’ll admit, before last year I could count the number of football games I’d watched – in my lifetime – on one hand. Just wasn’t my thing. Then the Seahawks made it to the playoffs. I started to pay attention to this 12th man stuff I’d been hearing about. Crowds cheering to record decibels.

You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing folks wearing Seahawks t-shirts, jerseys, ballcaps and winter hats and scarves. The 12th man flag flew everywhere. Blue and green lights on construction cranes, high rises, even on the Space Needle. Team support was high — and it was contagious. Seahawks fans are a community unto themselves, and it felt good to belong.


So Hubby and I jumped on the Seahawks bandwagon. We watched the playoff games. We jumped, shouted and danced through the Superbowl and we have followed the Seahawks games ever since. And you know what? I may still be learning the rules of the game, but I’m enjoying it. I don’t know every single player on the team, but I’ll give these guys props for making plays that keep me glued to the screen.

Up until last year, Superbowl Sunday was our chance to get out and enjoy wherever we decided to go, crowd-free. We’d time our outings to get dinner and get out before the game ended and the partiers would descend.

So here I sit, halfway through the AFC game, pulling for the Patriots to join the Seahawks at the Superbowl. Hubby even served me dinner on the couch – chicken cut up because I’m busy blogging and watching the game. (He’s a keeper, folks!)

If you’d asked me this time two years ago if I’d be spending a precious Sunday watching back to back playoff games, I’d have laughed my butt off. I was up early this morning, getting my word count in and then heading to the gym to workout before the Seahawks game started at noon. Stranger things have happened…

As I wrap this up, the Patriots just scored another touchdown. 24 Patriots 7 Colts. I know where I’ll be February 1st. Planted on my couch, sneaking quick glances at Facebook to see what others think of the game during commercials. How about you?