Everybody Does This… Right?


We all have our quirks that set us apart from everyone else.  It’s what makes the world interesting. How dull would life be if we all had the same likes/dislikes, idiosyncrasies and habits? If I share some of my weirdness, you have to promise to let me know one of yours? Fair deal? Cool. Let’s begin:

  • When watching TV I’m too lazy to put in a movie, preferring to channel-surf instead. And when I happen to find a Harry Potter flick, or LOTR, “SCORE!” I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. Sure, there might only be fifteen minutes left in the whole movie, but you bet I’m gonna sit and watch til the end.
  • I drink a lot of coffee. Well, I happen to think four cups a day is a lot. But I can’t just fix a cup and take it to my desk. I need to nuke it an additional twenty seconds in the microwave. I can’t claim this one is unique, as my sister does it too. Maybe it’s a Littlefield thing…
  • Okay, while we’re on the subject of food (coffee is food!), I’m not so rigid that I can’t have my food touch. But I do have to eat each item separately before I can move on to the next type of food on my plate. Again, not entirely unique, just… different.
  • When I read, I have to go back and forth between my kindle and paper books. Like they have feelings or something, and I need to give everyone enough love and respect. This also goes for subgenres. If I finish a contemporary romance, I move on to historical, or paranormal, never reading the same type two books in a row. Doesn’t feel weird to me. Anyone else do this?


  • This is the one that will have you nodding at each other and giggling behind your hands. It’s okay, I can’t see you. I need a sleep mask AND a noise machine on in order to sleep at night. I even bring them with me when we go on vacation. I take my sleep seriously. Yeah, I doubt anyone can cop to doing this one.

Remember… you promised to share your own freaky habits with me. Don’t hold out on me now. Dish!