Cover Reveal: Always My Hero

Drumroll please…

I’d like to introduce you to the newest hero of Scallop Shores. Ryan Pettridge. Back in high school he was the town superstar, taking the Wildcats all the way to State – and winning. He received a scholarship to UCLA. Everyone thought he was headed for the NFL. Then he hurt his knee and his football career was over before it started. Ryan spent the next thirteen years hiding in Southern California, working as an accountant, hiding behind a desk. Anything to keep from being reminded of one of his greatest loves – football.

But then his father had a stroke and Ryan was forced out of hiding. He came home to run the family hardware store. His plan was to sell the place, set his parents up for a comfortable retirement and get back to CA before drawing too much attention from the townsfolk who always treated him as a town hero. He didn’t deserve their accolades. He’d failed to become the hometown celebrity they seemed to think he was.

And of course there was Bree. He’d failed her worse than anyone else in town. He’d given her his heart and, more importantly, taken hers in return. And then he’d left, never to come back. Ryan didn’t deserve a second chance with Bree, but the more time he spent with her, the more he found himself wondering what could have been. If he could be anyone’s hero, he’d be hers. Because when the former football quarterback gave his heart to the shy bookworm whose tutoring helped keep him on the team, he gave it for life.

Coming June 29th to ereaders everywhere!

Coming June 29th to e-readers everywhere!

So what do you think? A bit of a departure from my other covers, right? When you read the book, you’ll see it ties in a lot more than you realize. 😉 Curious? Always My Hero releases June 29th from Crimson Romance.

10 Things About Me (the Author Me)

There. I differentiated. That means I have a whole other blog post (or two – I could split it into 10 things about me as a person and 10 things about me as a mother.) Woot! Hey, thinking up blog material is hard stuff! 😉 So today’s list is strictly things about the writer side of my life. (Does that make it sound like I have multiple personalities? Hey, I’m a writer – I DO have multiple personalities!)

At my first book signing last summer.

At my first book signing last summer.

Here we go:

1. The first piece I ever submitted was a short story for Woman’s World magazine. I *wish* they’d used form letters back then. Brutal!
2. I’ve been known to dream entire novels in my sleep (and they are DARK!). Nothing I’d write because they really are disturbing and not sweet, happy-ever-after books, so why I dream them, not really sure.
3. When I get stuck and need inspiration, I head to the shower. Something about the water drumming on my head gets my ideas going again. I even have my handy dandy Aqua Notes so I never miss a thought.

4. At a book signing for Dean Koontz, I asked that he sign it “good luck with your writing.” To which he started a discussion. OMG! Super nice guy and he very sincerely wished me luck.

5. I used to write *NSYNC fan fiction. I turned one of those into a full length novel and sold it to Crimson Romance. Five of Hearts is my best selling book to date. And I thought I was the only one who’d go for it. Still amazes me…

6. My dad had this weird policy that he would never read a book by a woman author. So when I was a kid, I made it my mission to get published one day, so that I would be the FIRST woman author he ever read. Unfortunately, he passed away before I got my first contract, but I’d like to believe I would have been the one to change his mind.

7. While I love my work space at home, I have been known to write in the car, at gymnastics, basketball practices, every coffee shop in town and nearly anywhere I have to play chauffeur for the kids. Having ‘littles’ makes me flexible, I guess.

8. When it came time to discuss whether or not I would choose a pen name, hubby reminded me that our last name is already recognizable in the Hollywood community (my father-in-law was the production designer on Top Gun, Ghostbusters and Sister Act, to name a few. And my grandfather-in-law won Oscars for his set design work on The King and I, Cleopatra and more.) He insisted I didn’t want to risk offending anyone by NOT using my married name proudly. So there ya go.

Big Sis spending time with Great-Granddad, Big John's, Oscar.

Big Sis spending time with Great-Granddad, Big John’s, Oscar.

9. I have been writing romance for about ten years now, with a niche in small town contemporary,  on the sweet side with a cast of quirky characters that you’d love to spend time with if you knew them in person. However, I have been obsessed with fairies for almost as long. And I have a series brewing in my head, to that end. Part of me is incredibly excited to start working on something so completely different. And part of me is looking for any excuse NOT to embark on an adventure so far out of my comfort zone.

10. Hubby is incredibly supportive of my writing and my latest celebrity boyfriends. When I was writing Five of Hearts and he knew I was using a photo of Chris Hemsworth for inspiration, he bought me a Thor action figure to place on my desk. When he learned I also had a thing for Chris Evans as another certain Marvel superhero, I discovered a Captain America flash drive in my stocking that Christmas. Love him (the hubby). He’s a keeper!

This guy has a special spot on my desk.

This guy has a special spot on my desk.

Saving the day - one manuscript at a time.

Saving the day – one manuscript at a time.

So that’s a little bit about the writer side of me. Yeah, I stole the first seven directly off my Facebook page. But we have already established that I am lazy, so there ya go. Kudos to everyone that got through the whole post. You rock! Anything completely surprise you? Anything you expected to see but didn’t? I’d love to hear from you.

I Birthed A New Baby…A Book Baby



So I told you about my children, the under 4 ft, go-to-elementary-school type, the furry type that take less picking up after than the previous type and the 6 ft tall “Honey, where’s my (fill in the blank)” type. But I haven’t told you about any of my book babies yet. And one of them is a precious little newborn.

Trapped in Tourist Town is the fourth book in my Scallop Shores series. For those of you that have read my other books, Cady finally gets her own book. For those of you who have never read my books, Cady runs the town bakery, making all her goodies from scratch and bemoaning the fact that no one ever wants to try her ‘fancy’ drinks from the espresso machine she bought with her own money because Mr. Logan was too cheap to fork out for one.

Cady is convinced that there is nothing for her in Scallop Shores. Adventure and excitement await her in New York City. She’s been saving up almost her whole life and this coming Labor Day, when the tourists all head home at the end of summer, she plans to take off with them. Just a few more months. She can handle that.

Burke is a world-weary travel reporter who has been sent to Scallop Shores as a favor to his editor. ‘Do a series of articles on this quaint town’, she says. ‘It’ll be fun,’ she says. All he knows is that there is no Starbucks and no five star hotel. But there is a perky townie that convinces him to let her show him the sights from a local’s perspective. The town is looking up already.

Though theirs is supposed to be a working relationship, Cady and Burke can’t deny the chemistry that sends sparks flying and tongues wagging. As things heat up between them, they both start to picture a future together. Unfortunately, Cady is picturing a life in the city and Burke is starting to warm to the idea of small town living.

Cady has spent so much of her life trying to get out of town, that she never stopped to appreciate just what she has. In the short time he has lived in town, Burke has learned the importance of family and a strong sense of community, something sorely lacking in his life up until now.

They each have their own dreams, and if they are going to be together, someone has to give. Or do they? Read Trapped in Tourist Town to see how Cady and Burke get their happy-ever-after.

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