Celebrate the Small Stuff!



Yay! You’re published! Now you just sit back and wait for the money to come in, right? Wrong.

The very first thing I learned about having a book on the market is that I am ONE author in MILLIONS. Getting my books seen, reviewed and (one can dream) bought, is extremely hard and very discouraging. I’ll admit to trolling Amazon a couple of times a day — more if I have a new release — to check out my sales rank on a particular title. And really, the only purpose this serves is to depress me even more. So don’t do it, right? Easier said than done.

But one thing I find that gets me through the hard times (and there are a lot of hard times) is to celebrate all the small things. Successes, milestones, new things tried — there are more than we realize.



I celebrate a new person that “likes” me on Facebook. I celebrate sending out my first newsletter, and the fact that I figured it out all by myself. I danced myself silly the first time I got a letter in the mail – an honest to goodness fan letter. And then the first one that I discovered in my in box.

When I guest blog on another author’s site and it generates a lot of comments – celebratory moment. When I update my website (OMG, I hate doing that!) and everything finally lines up correctly, that is a celebrate-with-chocolate moment. When I then learn that a friend of a friend of a friend was gushing about following said website? Swoon!

This past week I was in the dumps about sales on my recent new release. I guess January is NOT an ideal month to have a new book out. So I am trying new things, distracting myself with Twitter and experimenting with new hashtags. Lo and behold, I was followed by Starbucks. Much happy dancing and ignoring of sales ranks ensued.


Some days it’s enough to celebrate that I got my word count in. Right now it looks like I’ll be submitting my latest book to my publisher at least two weeks ahead of my deadline. MAJOR celebrating there! Celebrating author accomplishments does not have to mean sales. Heck, I was thrilled just to receive a W-2 this year — something that I didn’t get with all $25 I made the year before. 😉

It’s the little things that make us happy. And there are WAY more little things than the built up big things we stick so much importance on.

So celebrate the little things. Eat chocolate. Dance in your underwear and sing into your hairbrush. And tell the rest of us about what you’re celebrating so we can join in with you.

A Bittersweet Day

She loved having her picture taken.

She loved having her picture taken.

Today is release day for my fourth Scallop Shores book, Trapped in Tourist Town. I should be excited. I should be plugging away, tweeting and updating statuses and flooding social media with buy links and covers.

Except that today is also the anniversary of my mother’s passing. Six years ago today we lost her to a very aggressive form of lung cancer. She was diagnosed in October and died in early January. I was eight months pregnant in October and could not fly out to the East Coast to say goodbye, something that still bothers me to this day.

People tell me she’d be so proud of me. And I get that. But a larger part of me feels that it’s too tacky and selfish to talk myself up on a day of remembrance. The funny part is, she’d probably be angry with me for that. She wouldn’t want my sisters and I to spend every January 5th mourning. She’d want us to laugh and live.

My mom LOVED attention. She could always be found in a crowd, telling jokes and talking to anyone and everyone. She was the type to walk up to a stranger in a grocery store and start a conversation, just because she thought they looked interesting. This writer introvert’s polar opposite. 😉

So I’ll think of this as “release week” instead of “release day”. I’ll use today for quiet reflection, a little bit of crying (sorry, Mom, just can’t help it) and smiles over happy memories. And tomorrow I’ll bug the crap out of everyone with my “buy my book” pleas. Sound good? K!

Love you, Mom! I miss you.