Powerball Madness


I don’t play Powerball. Not even when the numbers start to get insanely big – like 1.4 billion dollars. To me it just seems like another Publishers Clearing House, “You may have already won…”. I know people who have quit their jobs just because they received that hokey junk mail in their mailbox. Seriously.

Could I use the money? Sure. Is it worth the hassle, the taxes, the “new friends” coming out of the woodwork to help me spend it? Nope.

Who wants to come visit?

Who wants to come visit?

Sure, I can play the “what if” game too. What would I do with hundreds of millions of dollars? I’d pay off the debt of probably everyone I am close to (that *I* decide I’m close to). I’m not big on cars or fancy houses, but a new house – with a dedicated office to hole up in and write (that has a door I can close and LOCK!). If I’m honest with myself, I think that home should be on the water, a lake, perhaps. A huge yard for the kids to play in. Room for another dog or two?

I’d love to travel. We want to take the kids to Washington DC, Philadelphia and Paris. You might remember that New Zealand is on my bucket list, as is Santorini. Big Sis wants to go to Australia and Greece. Little Guy wants to see Mt. Rushmore. (The kid’s got simpler dreams.) Hubby has been bugging me for a cruise to Alaska. Bring it on – I’ll do it all!

lotteryofficeAh, money to hire an assistant – someone to do all my social media posts, runs to the post office (just remembered I owe someone a book!), the list goes on and on. And to know I have a limitless supply of funds to pay for advertising. Woot – I could actually reach readers that aren’t in my immediate family. LOL Of course I’d have to update my new office. State-of-the-art EVERYTHING. Oooooh! A treadmill desk. I’ve always wanted one of those.

A personal trainer to force me to do the exercising I don’t want to. A chef to keep me on track by only cooking nutritious (and delicious) meals. A live-in housekeeper to do the laundry and pick up after the messy hooligans I live with (What? I keep my own things tidy…mostly.). A car and driver to take me wherever I want to go.winner

Yeah, it escalates pretty quickly, this Powerball madness. I’m good with the life I have. We’ve got a little extra money this year so hubby has approved a trip to San Diego to RWA Nationals this year. Yay! Can’t wait to show the kids our old stomping grounds. Big Sis was born there – she just doesn’t remember any of it.

So give me more of the same old/same old. I’m happy with that.

Examining My Bucket List

bucketlistThe kids and I were in the car the other day and pull up next to a convertible at a red light. “Now THAT is on my bucket list,” I sighed. “What’s a bucket list?” My six year old wanted to know. “A list of things you want to do before you die,” volunteered his sister. Which naturally led us into a discussion on what we’d add to our bucket lists.

I should probably add that the ideal place to ride in a convertible would be the shore.

I should probably add that the ideal place to ride in a convertible would be the shore.

#1 – Now let me clarify – I do not want to own a convertible. I just want to ride in one. 43 years old and I have never ridden in a car with the top down. I think there is something very sad about that. So if anyone out there has a convertible, lives nearby and wouldn’t be mortified to see me waving my arms in the air and laughing like a lunatic, can I hitch a ride?

This also makes me want to go back to Hawaii.

This also makes me want to go back to Hawaii.

#2 – And this one has been on my bucket list since I was a kid. I want to swim with the dolphins. Seriously, how cool would that be? Their skin looks so slippery. They are incredibly intelligent. They rescue humans in the ocean. And this one isn’t as hard to achieve as one would think. We were just in Hawaii in April. Had we wanted to spend the money and the time, we could have looked up a place for a nice little meet and greet with Flipper. Some day I’ll get the whole family on board and we’ll say ‘screw it’ to the expense. You only live once.

Breathtaking, isn't it?

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

#3 – Okay, the next item is SUPER expensive and really hard for me to justify the expense. I want to ride in a hot air balloon. Just once in my life because, quite frankly, it might end up terrifying me. But the views! OMG. I almost crossed this one off ten years ago. Then we found out I was pregnant with my daughter. First time pregnancy jitters had me nixing this as too dangerous. Yeah, totally regret that now.

Now you all want to go out and hug a panda, don't you?

Now you all want to go out and hug a panda, don’t you?

#4 – Another animal theme here. Both kids have expressed an interest in working as a vet. I jumped on this one! “Okay, so here’s what you do: you go to vet school and instead of opening your own practice or working with boring cats and dogs, you work with exotic animals.” “Why?” they want to know. “Because then you can get a job at a zoo. Once you work at a zoo, you can invite your old mom in to cuddle babies.” Lions, tigers, pandas, chimps… I’m not picky. I just want to hold an exotic animal. What? Too weird? They were rolling their eyes at me too. Sigh.

So there are some of my bucket list items, some easier to cross off than others. Little Guy wants to eat ice cream every day for the rest of his life. Big Sis put “get published” on her bucket list. Yes! That’s my girl. 😀 What’s on your bucket list? Leave it in the comments below. The three of us are always looking for new and exciting ideas.


Bucket List #1 – Travel Adventures

It’s that time of year. Winter still covering most of the country in white, while here in the Pacific Northwest it’s just a tad too chilly to do yard work or enjoy the outdoors. So naturally, my thoughts turn to vacations. Preferably somewhere sunny and warm.  We’re heading to Hawaii next month, but until then…


1. Ireland – any place at all in Ireland. Seriously. Any.ireland

2. Santorini – Greece is overall awesome but if I had to choose a Greek island to visit, it would be the gorgeous island of Santorinisantorini

3. New Zealand – home of all things Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. If money were no object (which I suppose applies to EACH of these destinations) then I would take every movie location tour offered. Even the ones by helicopter (though I might need to be heavily medicated). And I want to stay in a hobbit hole. Well, I want to move in, but that’s beside the point.hobbit

4. Egypt – okay, so now is probably not the best time to be visiting the great pyramids, the Sphinx and so forth. But someday? When the political unrest dies down and tourists are free to explore an ancient civilization without fearing for their lives? Then I want to go.

5. Scotland – particularly Edinburgh. The castles. The ghosts. The history. The burr. Reow! Talk to me, locals. Read the back of the cereal box to me. Love that accent!edinburgh-scotland-travel-guide

6. Paris – technically, I could cross this off my bucket list, as hubby and I went, early on in our marriage. But I want to see Paris through my children’s eyes. And for that reason, it stays on the list.

Honorable mentions: I could go on and on about places I’d like to see (if money were no object). But here are just a few more. Victoria AND Vancour, BC, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Montana, Texas (just not in the summer), New Orleans (Cafe Du Monde!), Philadelphia, Salem, MA, Rio, Alaska. And I reserve the right to add more every day. 🙂

If money were no object, where would you go? What MUST you see before you leave this Earth?