About Me

Which came first, the writer or the mom? The writer… by a long shot. I was writing when I was supposed to be doing school work, back in sixth grade. I filled up notebooks and my sister was kind enough to edit in the margins, “This is stupid!” Thanks, Jill. ­čśë But it was my passion and I stuck with it. (And, Jill, you’ll be happy to know that I have never again written about a teacher who wore fishnet stockings to school.)

Today┬áI have a whole team of editors at Crimson Romance – now part of Simon & Shuster and, thankfully, they’re pretty happy with the books I turn out. Or at least no one has said “This is stupid” to my face…yet. lol


When I’m not writing, I’m mom-ing. Yeah, totally made that up. But you know what it means. Chauffeuring back and forth to school, art class and basketball. Playing referee during┬áthe fights – and there are a lot of them. Helping out with homework (except for Math – that is hubby’s territory and I don’t touch it.) And generally just trying to capture every moment on camera or in my brain – because they grow up way too fast.

rainheartWe live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and I add that beautiful part to remind myself…because it rains A LOT and it’s very easy to get the blahs when it’s dreary and gray out. But if we can slog through the crappy stuff, we are really rewarded with a piece of Heaven.

Social media links are at the bottom of each page. You’ll find me updating the most at Facebook. But as I am a very visual person, I LOVE┬ámy Pinterest boards! Here’s that one too:





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