Visit Scallop Shores


You’ll find most everything you need on Maine Street. Just hang a right at the Civil War monument and you’ll hit the main drag. Cady would love a chance to brew you one of her ‘froo froo’ drinks in her espresso maker. Just don’t take Old Man Feeney’s spot at the counter. He may be the biggest gossip in town, but he tends to be a cranky old cuss!

If it’s books you’re after, you’ve got a choice: Bree can help you out at the library. Be sure and check out their annual book sale. Or if you prefer a cozier atmosphere, The Book Nook is just the place. Lots of overstuffed armchairs for you to curl up and give that new bestseller a test run before you buy. Wynter won’t mind.

Mansions dot the bluff overlooking the Atlantic. New developments are going in right on the pond (Jonah’s the sexiest guy to sport a tool belt in Scallop Shores!).

Town gossips need some fodder, right? How about local celebrities? We’ve got several. Dean may live in Scallop Shores now, but he spent his teen years in the spotlight as the lead singer for boyband Five of Hearts. And Quinn (Baker) Goodwin has seen her illustrated children’s books hit the bestseller lists. Of course there is also Ryan Pettridge, whose notoriety as the best football quarterback Scallop Shores high has probably ever seen, is a tad less-known to those outside of our little community.

Did I mention the sexy calendar you can pick up in almost any local business? (It’s currently on its third reprint and we’re only into the middle of May.) Must be something in the water, because Scallop Shores seems to have a surplus of studly men in residence.

You’re packing your bags now, huh? There are lots of¬†adorable bed and breakfasts down by the water. If you don’t mind local wildlife for neighbors, Burke recommends a lovely rental cottage not too far from the shore. Can’t wait to see you. Don’t be surprised if you end up wanting to move in permanently. Tends to happen a lot here.

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