I made myself a promise at the beginning of the year to do my best to review every book I read. Authors need as much exposure in this incredibly saturated market as they can get. And now that I have a blog, it’s my pleasure to spotlight the books I especially enjoyed.

My first blog review is for Ghost of a Promise by Kelly Moran. I’m going to be super lazy here and copy the book blurb on Amazon in here. (Hey, it’s my blog, I can be lazy if I wanna!)

moranA paranormal category romance from Entangled’s Covet imprint…

It might be love…but will they survive the night?

The ghosts of her family’s estate on the coast of Maine never troubled Ava Trumble. When she finally inherits the historic mansion, however, there’s a small string attached: Ava has exactly one year to solve a 200-year-old mystery of a missing girl, or lose her family’s home…

The lead investigator for paranormal TV show Phantoms, Jackson Granger, is prepared for any metaphysical encounter—until now. It’s not just the uncanny sense of “coming home” or even his reaction to the fiery redhead who seems to consume his every waking thought. No, it’s that the ghosts are using Jackson and Ava’s attraction to play out a centuries-old tragedy. Heartbreak. Loss. Overwhelming passion. Now Jackson and Ava must determine if they’re sharing something real…or if they’ve been possessed by a love that never died.

And because I’m being lazy, I’m also pasting in my review, verbatim:  A spooky old pre-Revolutionary war house. Ghosts with a tragic past. A hunky half-Brit celebrity ghost hunter and a woman desperate to hang on to her dreams of opening a bed and breakfast. If you’re looking for demonic, pee-your-pants kind of scaring, this book isn’t for you. But if you like getting that little thrill down your spine over spectral activity ranging from slamming doors to lavender perfume signaling an otherworldly presence, snuggle under the covers and enjoy a fabulous read.
Ava and Jackson feel an immediate connection when they first meet – but is it genuine, or a means of two souls trying to find their way back to each other through any means possible? The Trumble mansion has been in Ava’s family for centuries. Is it coincidence or fate that brings Jackson, a descendent of poor Sarah Kerrick to Maine after all these years?
Moran does a great job of showing her characters deepening emotions, even as they struggle to figure out if what they are feeling is real or part of a ghostly possession.
I LOVED visiting Maine through this book. I haven’t been back in so long. And BONUS points for finding my hometown mentioned – woot! I could almost smell the ocean. So nostalgic. Another winner for Moran.

Author Kelly Moran

Author Kelly Moran

And because this is my blog and I can do what I want, here is where I add in a buy link for this awesome book — because I know you’re going to want to read it. I know there are tons of ereader options out there, but what’s the theme of the day? Jenn is lazy! That’s right. So I am putting up the buy link for Amazon only. $2.99, folks. That’s it.  You want B&N, Kobo or iTunes, you’ll have to look those up yourself. Sorry. 🙁

Stay tuned for what I’m reading next. I’d tell you now, but even I don’t know yet. If you’ve got some great recommendations, shoot ’em my way.


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