Taking Back My House

NOT a photo of our toy situation - just one I found online. ;)

             NOT a photo of our toy situation – just one I found online. 😉

Anyone want a HUGE toy kitchen? Or the boxful of plastic food and utensils that goes with it? Because I’ve got one to give away. That and a whole lot more. Duplos and Matchbox cars. Little People and Lincoln Logs. Race tracks and dinosaurs. My kiddos are growing up, and while part of me is sad to see this stuff go, a bigger part of me is doing the happy dance.

Why, you ask? Because for the last eight years, the entire downstairs of this new-to-us house belonged to the kids. It was great knowing they had a dedicated play space. But now that Big Sis is more interested in computers, music and taking quizzes in girly magazines and Little Guy has to be dragged off the Xbox in order to go to school in the morning, I’m starting to get ideas. Big ideas. Not just purging the playroom of unused toys, but repurposing the room into a place hubby and I might actually get to use.

He wants a dedicated desk where he can set up multiple computers. Done. I want a corner for a piece of exercise equipment. I even have the exact one in mind: A Bowflex Treadclimber.bowflex-treadclimber-tc20-2

A reading nook would be amazing. While there isn’t any money in the budget for a window seat (because how cool would THAT be?), I’m thinking we can spring for an extra-wide comfy chair with ottoman. I’d suggest a recliner, but then how much reading would get done and how much napping? Let’s be realistic.readingchair

And once the room is set up the way we (the adults of the household) like it, the last touch? Finally hanging the Lord of the Rings movie posters on the wall. Can you believe these have sat on the floor in a corner for almost nine years? They need some decent new frames, but the posters are still in great shape.lord of the rings trilogy

Thanks, kiddos, for sharing your space with us old fogies. And I insist we dedicate the very center of the room to Family Game Night. We’ll turn off the gadgets we normally can’t live without and spend some quality time together, laughing and goofing off. Just because we outgrow toys, doesn’t mean we’re ever too old to play. family-board-game-celebrate-parents-day

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